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Dana Digrispino is a seamstress who specializes in custom dress-making and costuming. Her private sewing studio is located in Mokena, Illinois.

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How I Rhinestone My Props!


It's no secret that I love anything encrusted in rhinestones. I made a video showing you guys how I like to rhinestone my cosplay props! I used these techniques for multiple projects, including my Katniss Everdeen Wedding Dress cage!

Items used:
E600 Glue

I like to buy my rhinestones from QRhinestones on Etsy. They have great prices for beautiful quality stones. The ones I used in this video were size ss20 in Dark Siam. For Katniss, I also used size ss20 in AB Crystal Aurore.

The first technique is great for when you have two free hands (meaning you don't have to hold your prop in one of your hands). With the tube in hand, I squeeze out a bit of glue at a time. Grab a rhinestone with your tweezer & lightly dab it in the glue. A little bit goes a long way! I like to have my rhinestones spread out & facing upwards so I can quickly grab & glue :)

The second technique is a little more wasteful in terms of glue, but it's honestly a time saver compared to having to put down the E600 after every rhinestone. Since the glue dries relatively fast, don't dispense too much on your paper towel. The faster you get a rhinestoning, the less glue you'll end up wasting along the way. Hang in there!

Check out my video tutorial & let me know your thoughts. :) If you end up bedazzling something of your own, I'd love to see your creations. Best of luck & take care!