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Dana Digrispino is a seamstress who specializes in custom dress-making and costuming. Her private sewing studio is located in Mokena, Illinois.

Berserker Yuna

Berserker Yuna

SERIES: Final Fantasy X-2




FABRICS: Milliskin Matte Spandex, Suede, Faux Leopard Fur, Faux Alapaca


NOTES: These costumes were such a large feat and were my love note to FFX-2. The main reason why I chose to do this dressphere over all Yuna's other ones is because I wanted to learn how to make armor. And now that I know how, I'm going to avoid it at all costs. xD

Starting with fabric portion, I made our body suits using Kwik Sew K3052 and painted them using fabric paint. The paws were the biggest patterning challenge and I had to make several mock-ups before I could get the right look. I wanted them to be functional and easy for us to slip our hands in and out. They were also a great place to hide our phones and badges. :) I made mini cardboard tubes to stuff into each of the fur fingers to give them stability, but also to have something to glue the claws to. The cord detailing was then weaved up along the arms and where fingers connect. 

Yuna's hairtail is long strips of matte spandex braided together. I did a quick dye session using pink RIT dye to get the pink ombre at the bottom of her tail. I used leftover wig extensions from a previous costume to make the end piece, and then sewed the whole thing to my wig so I knew it wouldn't fall off during the convention. The necklace is made from paperclay that shaped, sanded down, and painted.

For a closer look at how I made the Berserker Armor, check out my behind-the-scenes video along with the Berserker Armor Tutorial Blogpost.

Photography by: Santino Caceres of Scorpio Concept Designs